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Learn More About These Fascinating Novels

and Where To Buy Them


iUniverse™ - the publisher of these books

The iUniverse Bookstore web site has the six novels available for purchase, and it has a browser that lets you preview the books before you buy them. (However, it doesn't offer the best prices.)


Books-A-Million™ on-line bookstore

This on-line bookseller also sells all six novels, and usually has the best discounted prices.


Barnes and Noble™ Booksellers

 This on-line bookseller sells all the novels, too, but they usually offer slightly less of a discount than Books-A-Million.


Amazon™ on-line books

 This on-line bookseller has the novels for sale, but usually offers no discounts.



When you're finished looking at one of the above sites, use the BACK button on your browser to return to this screen.


These novels are listed in Books In Print, and they're set up in the Ingram Book Group database, which all the big bookstore chains subscribe to. If you aren't comfortable shopping on-line, you can go into your local Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million or favorite local bookstore and special order the novels.

Note: In The Clear is stocked at the Charlotte store of Joseph-Beth Booksellers at South Park Mall, and Midsummer's Tale is stocked at the New Hope Commons Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Durham, NC.