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Winter Soldier

When Philip Muts moves to Philadelphia for a less-than-exciting job as a clinical psychologist, his first challenge is a case needing quick resolution. Philip’s patient is a delusional soldier named Paul Handy who claims he’s reincarnated from a Revolutionary War assassin. He’s called Hollywood Handy for the fantastic tales he tells, and Paul’s commanding officer thinks he’s faking his mental illness.

With the help of Mary Scots, US Army nurse, Philip begins a frustrating journey to uncover the disturbing truth that’s painfully locked up inside his patient. Philip discovers the complex parallel life that Paul lives through reflective trances with his two-hundred-year-old doppelganger.

The Army wants a clean bill of mental health so it can proceed with a court martial, but Philip resists as he digs deeper into the mysterious suffering of Paul Handy. Philip’s creative psychological detective work leads to a startling resolution in this fast-paced, suspense-filled novel.

Midsummer's Tale

All hell breaks loose in rural Rock Springs, North Carolina when Hester College invites a Los Angeles director and his soap opera star girlfriend to participate in their annual Summer Arts Festival Shakespeare production. The arrogant Jackson Stockade and the beautiful Lydia Pryor swoop onto the tiny Southern campus like hawks to the kill.

The festival begins to spin hilariously out of control when the locals are locked out of the major roles. And to add to the insult, Stockade hires a heavy metal band, Witless Sludge, to play the Rude Mechanicals in his hard rock version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Dr. Howard March, the College's resident Shakespearean scholar, struggles to mount a competing production of The Winter's Tale. In his traditional approach, March hopes to preserve the Bard's dignity, especially against the travesty of Stockade's distorted ghetto vision.

To complicate things, March is irresistibly attracted to the mysterious Marigold Rhea, a New York actress with a big secret. Soon March and Stockade are rivals in love as well as theatre.


The 13th Notebook

Anna the Red, a teenage runaway in Seattle, auditions for an amateur theatrical billed as a Stone Age Opera. The opera tells an ancient tale from a lost society, a story of self-sacrificing innocence overcome by suffocating evil. The inspirational brainchild of the opera is Dr. Elizabeth Mellony, a forensic archaeologist, who teams up with Malcolm Washington, a black ex-con, to produce the show. On opening night Anna is spirited away by her father, a bigoted Idaho backwoodsman who tracks her down in the city. She leaves behind a mysterious note—a page torn from an old notebook given to her by a member of a paramilitary environmental group called Whole River Systems.

Years earlier, Malcolm had been given 13 private notebooks written by his troubled grandfather. But the notebooks were stolen while Malcolm was in prison. The page Anna leaves behind is from one of the notebooks written by Malcolm’s grandfather. That single page provides the first clue to the mysterious disappearance of the notebooks. But when Anna tries to help, she finds herself up against Mortim Rimpoche, the paranoid spiritual leader of Whole River Systems. Her youth and naïveté collide with his unmerciful narcissism, creating a near fatal showdown.


In The Clear

A government raid goes terribly wrong and a young mother is murdered. No one in Cressida's family is prepared for the consequences of that tragedy. Her lover, Simon, escapes into hiding and the couple's small daughter, Enid, is left in her grandmother's care.

Revenge becomes paramount for Simon's stepfather, Colin Humphrey, as he ruthlessly pursues a wrongful death lawsuit against the government. But the other members of her family struggle painfully to come to grips with their horrible loss. Cressida's aunts and uncles want to help but they find themselves paralyzed by the senseless killing. Finally, Cressida's two cousins, Valerie and Melody, set out on a mission to find Simon. But an unexpected stranger from Simon's past complicates the difficult work of repairing this damaged family.

Like a giant puzzle with its pieces hopelessly scattered, In The Clear tells the story of a family moving painfully, but inexorably toward healing.


Reluctant Seeker

Maximilian Fausto is on a mission. His dead mother set him the task of collecting her personal journals, but he quickly discovers that the elusive journals are not so easy to find. And he begins to suspect that his mother planned this journey for his personal growth. He's suspicious and depressed by nature, and he chafes against any attempt to right himself with the world.

Things get rough for Max. He's snared in a destructive love affair; he tangles with an Evangelical family; he narrowly escapes a drug lord's wrath. But working with his fractious family—a brother disabled in Vietnam, a well-meaning but alcoholic uncle, an angry father and a handful of dotty aunts—Max learns the evanescent quality of true love.

This odyssey is filled with heartache as well as joy, with the struggles and triumphs played out against a backdrop of profound longing and deep hope.


A Month In The Jungle

Henry Cooper, an aspiring San Francisco screenwriter, has his first real writing job scripting a B-movie. The melodramatic story takes place on a coffee plantation in Africa during WWI, and although it isn’t what Henry would call art, it’s a potential break for his early career.

On a shoestring budget, the producer secures the use of a run-down antebellum rice plantation in the sweltering heat of South Carolina’s swamp country. And the cast and crew have only a month to get the film completed. During his month in the jungle, Henry struggles to find his creative voice and to nurture a budding affair. But he nearly ruins his career when he becomes entangled in politics. He joins in a collaboration with the brilliant cinematographer, Bjørn Depew, against the perverse and controlling director, Teddy Rollick, and it nearly costs him his job.

Romance, artistry, betrayal and murder pepper the plot of this spicy novel as the filmmakers rush toward their goal to complete the film on time and under budget.